Yoga for Sports Teams

stretchDo you play a sport? Are you struggling finding new and different training methods each week? Maybe you’d like a wet weather option? Why not give one of our options below a go!

Costs are approximately $18 per person (depending on location) for a one off, or $15 per person if you book in for four or more sessions (minimum 6 participants).


Yoga for your team

We can come to your regular training location and do a yoga session specifically tailored to your team’s sport.

Yoga has many lasting benefits; increased flexibility, reduced chance of injury, better stress management (get rid of the pre-game jitters!), plus reduced heart rate and blood pressure.

Want to know more about what you’re eating?

One of our qualified nutritionists can come along for a Q&A session where you can ask whatever you like about the best foods for you and your team. Pre-game, post game, off season… what you eat affects your body! Keep it in tip top shape with the right food choices.

How about a massage?

Got a team building event coming up? (aka drinks at someone’s house…). Our massage therapist can come along and give everyone either a hand, head, neck or shoulder massage. We can even bring a massage chair.