Yoga for Schools

pexels-photo-203237A range of programs to help kids and teachers stay on track, stress free, and healthy

What can we offer your students and teachers?

Yoga can be integrated into your student’s programs in a number of ways, with physical, emotional and mental benefits. All our teachers have their Working with Children check, and are fully insured. We have experience in several of the local public and private schools.
Please see our testimonials page for reviews from schools we have worked with. For further information on any of our programs below, please call Tanya on 0401 948 755.

Teacher Sessions

We run sessions tailored specifically for teachers, giving them the knowledge and skills to integrate yoga and meditation practices into their classroom management to create a calm and focused learning environment. These sessions also give teachers the ability to monitor and regulate their own stress response, allowing them to be the best teachers they can be.


Study skills

file-12-07-2015-5-30-47-pmWe use a combination of yoga and meditation to improve study techniques, focus, concentration, and assist student’s to learn to centre themselves in the lead up to, and during exams or presentations. A yoga program can be integrated into year 11/12 study skills days, offering a holistic approach to student’s overall mental wellbeing.

Improve self-esteem and relationships

Yoga is a fantastic tool for improving self-esteem, body image, respect for self, and respect for others. We can integrate this form of yoga into a year group reflection day or self-esteem workshop within the school.

Regular Sport

stretchYoga is a great addition to any sports program; it helps deliver strength and flexibility of the body, particularly core strength, which assists with any other sport to students participate in. There are a variety of yoga styles and techniques that can be used to suit the needs of the group.

Stage 5 and 6 Electives

pexels-photoClasses can be tailored to Physical Activity & Sport Studies (PASS), PDHPE Fitness Choices module, or other PDHPE courses. Yoga can be fun, fast-paced, and physically challenging, engaging both boys and girls. This style of yoga can help students to identify anatomical actions in various poses, and how the nervous system responds to different postures.