Yoga for Businesses

file-19-07-2015-2-44-43-pmOur corporate yoga teachers have been working within the corporate world themselves for years and know first-hand how stressful corporate work environments can become. This is where yoga practices can help!

We offer two different types of corporate yoga programs:

  • 4 week program – customized to suit your company – $150 per week (60 minute classes)
  • One off ‘team building’ classes – tailored to your requirements – price depends on session length/location

All classes are done in the convenience and comfort of your workplace or workshop location. Our teachers are fully insured.

Please consider space requirements when determining numbers. If you have too many people to fit in the space, it may be worth booking two back to back sessions (a discount applies for the second session).

Our four week Stress Management Program is a fantastic way to overcome and reduce these types of statistics. Our program provides the following benefits:

1. Fewer sick days
2. Increased focus
3. Great team building exercises resulting in happier and less stressed employees
4. Allows you to reassess attendees work /life balance
5. Take away techniques to help manage stress

You do not require a fit and flexible body to complete our four week program. The only pre-requisite is an ability to move, and breathe!

Our course will employ simple physical postures – combined with correct breathing and relaxation methods – that directly facilitate the movement of stress out of the body and mind. These practices teach the body how to perform positively, then relax deeply.  On a physiological level we are actually re-programming the brain and body, creating a new mindset that manages stress more effectively. In line with traditional yogic philosophy, we encourage the individual to adopt ethical attitudes and integrity, and to develop high quality relationships in their professional and personal lives.

We can work around your company’s schedule, and can offer a tailored program, or alternatively you may like to consider one of our following pre-set programs:

  • Get Moving in the AM – awaken the body and mind
  • Lunch Break Refresh – recharge and refuel the body
  • Letting go of the day – release and relax

Our teachings come from personal experience – and we wholeheartedly understand the needs of your employees – because we too have been there!

Contact us; we’d love to discuss how we can work with you to improve your workforce, and we are happy to provide a free short trial session of our program within your workplace to show you how easy and simple it can be.