Parent Groups & Playgroups

pexels-photo-129029Wanting a massage but just don’t have the time? Love to get to a yoga class but the demands of a baby just won’t allow it? These parent group activities are for you!

With lots of options to suit your needs, you can be sure you’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on child rearing once more. These sessions are designed for you to attend with your parent’s group (or a group of friends) with similar aged children, and will target areas of the body and mind that might need a little soothing and relaxation in response to the demands of parenthood. We can even come to your play group!

We can also arrange Q&A sessions for your group from a qualified nutritionist (for both nutrition for mums and dads, and nutrition for bubs!), a natural skincare/makeup consultant, infant massage instructor or first aid instructor, some mums and bubs group fitness, or even a mama party!

Costs are approximately $18 per person (depending on location) for a one off, or $15 per person if you book in for four or more sessions (minimum 6 mums).

So what are your options?



img_8750We come to your regular mum’s group meeting. Mums can have a chat and each take a turn at having a seated massage or some reflexology – the other mums take care of your baby while you’re having your massage! You provide the space and the mums, we’ll do the rest! Massage can help relieve the tight spots and muscle imbalances caused by carrying kids, feeding babies, and disturbed sleep.


kids-and-meChoose a park with a beautiful shady spot to lie out the mats and baby blankets, or someone’s home if they have enough space, and we’ll come to you. Must be appropriate setting for the weather.

You can also take it in turns in small groups having a 15-20 minute yoga session while the other parents look after all the kids in a child-friendly area. This allows full focus on the yoga- a focused 15 minutes can be a lot more effective and beneficial than an hour of distracted practice! You still get plenty of time to chat too! Also allows for more people to participate.


Nutrition Q&A

966095811Knowing the best foods to feed yourself and your family is tough. There is so much conflicting advice out there! Why not invite our qualified nutritionist to your mother’s group meet up so you can ask what’s best for your family? Baby foods, toddler foods, school aged foods, adolescent foods, grown up foods, breastfeeding foods… Ask whatever you need to know!

Natural Skin Care and Makeup Consult

aeed0f7fa68946ac2c2dcd64f69c1969Our practitioner can come to your mother’s group session armed with all the goodies to do a totally natural mini facial on each of you. She can give you a quick lesson in a natural daily skin regimen, plus tips on quick makeup applications that allow you to feel awesome without compromising your skin or body with nasty chemicals. All the products are from the Wild Nature range. You’ll get some goodies included, but are welcome to buy any products that tickle your fancy.

Mums and bubs group fitness

0461e54f-2ff7-467f-ba1b-f1a98168716cDo some exercise with your mother’s group. The best part? The bubs don’t just get shoved in a pram! Use your babies in your exercise program and have some fun connection with your little ones while you sweat it out!

Infant Massage

img_6560Our qualified infant massage instructor will come along to your mother’s group and teach you how to massage your baby. Baby massage has so many benefits for both babies and their carers. Massage is such a bonding practice and gives you a chance to really connect with your little one, while helping ease tummy upsets and improving sleep.



First aid instruction for mothers

We have a first aid instructor (who’s also a nurse) who is all too happy to teach you and your mother’s group some baby first aid. Every mother should do a first aid course to prepare for that dreaded emergency that we hope never happens. Be prepared and equip yourself with the knowledge and experience to look after your family when they need it most.