Your Personal Yogi

dsc_6695You’ve heard of personal training… this is personal yoga.

We focus on your own personal goals and develop practices to achieve those goals, whether they’re related to strength or flexibility of the body, calming of the mind, or anything in between.

Yoga was never intended to be a mass of people bending into various shapes in a crowded room.

If you don’t love the idea of seeing a pretzel in front of you while you try your hardest to touch your toes, or find having other people around wholly distracting, personal yoga is the practice for you! The physical postures are just one part of a yoga practice, so don’t get hung up on whether you’re flexible enough to do yoga; yoga is for every body!

Interested? Here’s what we offer!


There’s evidence that yoga and massage positively affect the biological mechanisms responsible for inflammation, which can contribute to a multitude of chronic health problems. And no, you don’t have to drop into a downward dog or sun salute to get the positive effects! There’s a whole range of options for you.

Yoga is a personal practice. One that needs development, feedback, and careful observation to get it right.

Once you know what your striving for, and know your own body better, group classes can be so much more effective. Guidance to find that inner knowledge is a good place to start.


Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

“Thank you for your kind and patient approach. I found the classes relaxing, but also good for fitness; I’d love to do it again.” (Amanda, supervising teacher for school sport)

“Tanya was engaging with my students, providing them with a worthwhile learning experience, and covered relevant syllabus information in her debrief”. (Ben,  Year 11 PDHPE teacher)

“5 Stars. So lovely to be introduced to yoga at my own pace and with the opportunity to ask questions. Tanya is knowledgeable, calm and has magic massage hands.” (Lea, massage and personal yoga client)

“I have loved every minute of the classes! It never ceases to amaze me how you always manage to make me feel great no matter what mood I was in to start off with!” (Hannah, personal yoga student)


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